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SPH Award

The Social Production of Habitat Award rewards each year several remarkable projects in different regions in the world. 

It participates in making more visibile housing projects that were initiated by civil society, providing effective solutions to the problem of accessibility to adequate and sustainable housing. 

It recognizes the political impact and the innovative and transformative capacity of the selected projects, and emphasizes the inhabitants' role as actors of their city.   

The award consists of :

  • an invitation to the Award ceremony in the context of a regional HUB meeting, bringing together actors of the thematic, as well from the civil society as public and private actors (conferences, experiences exchange, visits)
  • the realisation of a video documenting the project and broadcasted at an international level 
  • the inscription to the selection process of the World Habitat Awards (in the second phase)

Submit your project for the SPH Award 2017 in your region : 

  • Latin America
    • application deadline : 16th March 2017
    • award ceremony : 13th-14th June 2017 in Mexico
  • Europe
  • Other regions will be available from next year on

Submission process :

Create the profile of your project on the SPH platform : 

  • Complete all the sections of the profile in an accurate manner
  • Add pictures and architectural plans of your project
  • Add short video presentations (made with your phone for example)
  • Click on "Register for the SPH Award" (left to your profile picture)

You will receive a validation E-mail for your application. If you have any problem, please contact us at :


Tutorial SPH Platform