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Solidarity Fund for Habitat

The Solidarity Fund for Habitat (SFH) is a mechanism of solidarity between inhabitant groups through deposits used for financing the construction of community-led houses, in response to the lack of credit for this type of project. It complements international cooperation projects financed by the Swiss cooperation and builds on partnerships with the local public actors.

Thanks to your commitment, the SFH can support the local revolving funds, which then lend to community-led housing projects.

What kind of deposit is it ?

It is a time deposit: you make a deposit for a fixed duration, and you recover it with an interest when it comes to term.  

What are its conditions ?

  • Interest : 1% per year or without interest (based on preference)
  • Duration : 2 years, renewable
  • Amount : CHF 1'000 minimum
  • Legal form : Deposit contract
  • Depositors : urbaMonde members


Make a deposit to the Fund!