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Social production of habitat platform

"Social production of habitat is the process by which communities plan, build and manage their urban environment, including housing units, local infrastructure and common spaces. This process is generally carried out in collaboration with technical support actors and requires the establishment of (conflictual or consensual) relationships with public authorities.

Discover 11 social production of habitat projects from across the world !

The initiative of a common platform between actors of the social production of habitat (SPH) connecting inhabitant groups in North and Southd South emerged at the occasion of the World Habitat Day 2014 in Geneva. Back then, urbaMonde organized the social production of habitat Forum gathering major inhabitant networks and grassroots organizations:

Shack/Slum dwellers international

Asian Coalition for Housing Rights

Co-operative Housing International

Habitat International Coalition

Grounded Solutions Network

Building and Social Housing Foundation

Today, the social production of habitat platform is a collaborative initiative, open for any actor working on community-driven habitat solutions and sharing the vision of cities by and for their inhabitants to join. The Platform seeks to create active solidarity links between inhabitant groups and to facilitate concrete exchanges between communities at the regional level (HUB-meetings) and online (digital social platform), as well as to increase the visibility of public policies and public support to community-driven urban development.

Discover the platform idea, and the Latin AmericanEuropean and North American HUB meetings and social production of habitat awards.

Learn more about specific aspects of the social production of habitat thanks to our annual conference programme.

Discover the Digital Social Platform and browse among a growing number of community-led housing projects!


Six organizations, one voice
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