Study on citizen financing mechanisms for affordable housing production in Africa

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This short study documents and disseminates 10 experiences of affordable housing production programs and projects in Africa, focusing in particular on their financial model and design.

Last update
2020 - 2021
  • urbaMonde-France
Eloise Pelaud

In December 2020, the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance (CAHF), urbaMonde and urbaSEN signed a partnership agreement to conduct a case study on the collaborative production of affordable housing in Senegal and its financial and legal modeling.

The organisations collaborate to:

  • support affordable housing solutions for vulnerable populations through accessible and innovative financing;
  • drive financial innovation through R&D and experimentation;
  • influence the implementation of public policies and partnerships that facilitate the access to affordable housing finance.

Using bibliographic research and in-depth interviews, the study analyzes the capacity of projects and partners to fit into the public and private financing chain, and to mobilize so-called «citizen» or «community» finance.

A community financing component, combined with additional funding sources (private or public, grants or loans, etc.) is common to all of the experiences selected. A number of experiences were selected through the collaborative database, run by urbaMonde as part of the CoHabitat Network, and from experiences documented by the CAHF.

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