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"Participatory redevelopment of the Pointe de la Jonction?"

Reconversion de la Pointe de la Jonction
Tuesday, 15 March, 2016 -
18:30 to 20:30

Place: Geneva University, Uni Mail, salle MR290

In 2006/2007, the City of Zurich transfered the right to construct of an area stiuated above the sorting-depot of the trams in the city centre to the Housing Cooperative Kalkbreite. Kalkbreite developed more than 97 affordable housing units, approximately 5000m2 of commercial and cultural space and more than 5000m2 green and semi-public areas in a participatory process with the residents of the neighborhood.

This roundtable will constitute an occasion to learn more about an exemplary project, both in terms of its origins and its architectural challenges linked to its localization.

The debate will explore the issue of the redevelopment of the TPG hangar located at the Pointe de la Jonction in Geneva, which presents some similarities with Kalkbreite in Zurich. The presentation of actors having proposed different solutions for the regeneration of the area - from a public parc to housing construction - will allow for better understanding underlying challenges and expectations. The roundtable seeks to contribute to a collective discussion on the redevelopment of this very single area.


Res Keller (Kalkbreite), Peter Ess (City of Zurich), Nathalie Gaullier (Project ANANAS ETHWohnforum), Andrea Fossati (TPG), Philippe Bonhote (architect), Simon Gaberell (Unige and ARV), Silvio Albino (Forum Pointe de la Jonction), Guillaume Kaeser (Coopératives d'habitation genevoises) & al.