International Experiences in People-led Housing, March 15, 2021


Pierre Arnold and Nina Quintas from urbaMonde will present the study "Community-led housing: a concrete response to COVID-19"

The study "Community-led housing: a concrete response to COVID-19" is based on the hypothesis that Community-Led Housing initiatives (Housing Cooperatives, Community Land Trusts, Co-Housing, Intentional Communities and neighbourhoods with a strong sense of solidarity and participation) allowed their residents to collectively organise self-help, defend their rights and prevent forced evictions, and to develop other resilience mechanisms in response to income loss and reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More info on this study.

Pierre Arnold and Nina Quintas will present the study on the webinar International Experiences in People-led Housing, on March 15.

Pierre Arnold
Pierre is a French-German civil engineer and urban planner by training currently working at the NGO urbaMonde-France. He has built his expertise on housing policies and social production of housing through a 10 months-trip around Latin America documenting Community-led housing initiatives, and through his professional experiences in the fields of habitat in the French research institute for development (IRD) in Mexico City, the UN-Habitat office in Mexico City, the Mexican NGO Cooperación Comunitaria, and the Housing Institute of the City of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Pierre co-directed an ethnographic documentary and is the co-author of the self-edited book "Habitat in Mouvement", as well as several papers. He is now especially interested in Community-led and non-speculative land-management mechanisms for adequate housing, on which he wishes to carry out a PhD in partnership with urbaMonde France.

Nina Quintas
Nina works as a project manager at urbaMonde Switzerland. She currently coordinates the CoHabitat Network, promotes international peer-to-peer exchanges, supports international cooperation projects and collaborates directly with different partners in the documentation of participatory housing projects. With a background in sustainability and a passion for community-led processes, Nina developed her Master's thesis in collaboration with urbaMonde researching the use of earth architecture in mutual-aid housing cooperatives in Uruguay. She is also greatly interested in grassroot sustainability initiatives - employed and appropriated by local communities - that value their cultural knowledge and empower them as resilient communities.

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