Community-led housing: a concrete response to COVID-19


Housing cooperatives and community land trusts offers significant benefits for their inhabitants in times of pandemic, shows a new study by We Effect and urbaMonde.

In August 2020, We Effect mandated urbaMonde to conduct a global study to assess the interrelations between the type of housing and the extent to which residents are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (in terms of health, social and economic impacts).

The study is based on the hypothesis that Community-Led Housing initiatives (Housing Cooperatives, Community Land Trusts, Co-Housing, Intentional Communities and neighbourhoods with a strong sense of solidarity and participation) allowed their residents to collectively organise self-help, defend their rights and prevent forced evictions, and to develop other resilience mechanisms in response to income loss and reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Martha Lara Herrera, 67, is part of group of women called Las Cascadas en Honduras. Photo: Martín Cálix