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Local Partners


Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF) is an independent research organization that works in the UK and internationally to identify innovative housing solutions and foster the exchange of information. It has gathered an extensive database on social habitat projects over the last 30 years thanks to the World Habitat Awards.




Habitat & Participation ASBL is a Belgian association founded in 1982, which aims at promoting participative processes in the fields of habitat, land management and urban and rural development. Habitat & Participation develops tools for citizen participation, offers support in the implementation of community-led housing projects in Belgium, maps existing initiatives and promotes housing right on a national and international level.



Habicoop was founded in December 2005. The French association seeks to promote public and private solutions for housing. It wishes to support the establishment and development of collective real estate housing projects, called housing cooperatives, that stand for the access to social housing and collective property for families with limited resources and for social diversity. The association also promotes the existence of a network of housing cooperatives with the aim to guarantee their representation and the defense of their interests, and to enhance this new form of living. In order to do so, Habicoop provides technical assistance and legal support.








Chambre de l'économie sociale et solidaire, APRES-GE



Ingenieurs du Monde




Uniao por moradia popular







Coordin’action is a French association founded in 2005 developing concrete action programs between the social, economic and institutional actors and the citizens of a territory in order to reduce societal weaknesses. It particularly promotes participative habitat, like housing cooperatives and habitat groupé.




Desco is a Peruvian NGO with 50 years of existence committed to promoting the capacity of action of local communities and sustainable development in the country. 





Habitat groupé (Belgium)




National and International Networks and Organizations