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Latin American SPH Award 2015

The International meeting of Civil Society and Local Governments towards Habitat III, organized by the Peruvian NGO Desco, took place on October 1 and 2, 2015 in Lima, Peru. More than 300 representatives of civil society organizations from Latin America, professionals, academics, and public entities from Lima and beyond gathered to establish a Citizen Agenda towards Habitat III, built on the “right to housing, the neighborhood and the city”.

Three successful community-led housing projects were invited to share their experiences during a session focusing on the Social production of habitat : Ignacio Ferreria, representing the Barrio Intercultural (Vecinos sin techo, Argentina), Miriam Gonzalez Torres, member of the Housing Cooperative Guendaliza’a (Mexico), and Adriana Rojas Ugalde and Iris Perez from Coceavis, the Central American Federation of self-managed and solidary housing (Costa Rica and El Salvador). They discussed achievements and challenges, as well as the principles of self-managed and participatory housing. Pablo Caballero, president of FUCVAM, the Uruguayan Federation of self-help Housing Cooperatives, shared the experiences of the Federation in disseminating self-managed and cooperative housing to other Latin American countries.

The Latin American Working Group on the Social Production of Housing  coordinated by Habitat International Coalition- Latin America, appointed the three projects after its first regional meeting in Mexico City, in September 2015. The selected projects represent successful and transformative experiences, capable of demonstrating the positive impacts of Social production of housing processes in terms of access to adequate housing, urban development and social cohesion.

The first Hub-meeting allowed for putting forward the Platform on the Social production of habitat as an advocacy tool in the Agenda towards Habitat III, by making visible and enhancing the public recognition of successful Social production of habitat projects on the regional level. The Hub-meeting also constituted an occasion to document selected projects through video-interviews, and to prepare their participation in the World Habitat Awards 2016/2017.

To learn more about the selected projects, visit:

Housing Cooperative Guendaliza'a, Mexico City

COCEAVIS, Central America

Vecinos Sin Techo - Barrio Intercultural, Argentina and Vecinos Sin Techo on facebook

Project presentation Guendaliza'a
The Housing Cooperative Guendaliza'a in Mexico
Project presentation Vecinos Sin Techo
Project presentation Coceavis