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Housing Cooperatives - Partners in urban planning

The group of housing cooperatives of Geneva (GCHG) is the federation of housing cooperatives in the Geneva Canton.

Inspired by the "Mehr als Wohnen" (more than housing) project in Zurich, GCHG commissioned urbaMonde to elaborate an analysis on the role of housing cooperatives in urban planning. The study seeks to promote the dialogue between public planning entities and cooperatives, and to explore in what ways housing cooperatives establish themselves as proactive partners in urban planning. The study also lays out, to what extent the involvement of cooperatives to planning processes is benefitial to future inhabitants and the community as a whole.

Today, the involvement of cooperatives to planning processes is often confined to later stages of planning processes and their contribution to urban planning is not entirely recognized. In this context, GCHG and urbaMonde work towards including cooperatives to all stages of planning. In order to do so, the committee of GCHG proposed four strategies:

1.     Include cooperatives into early stages of project development

2.     Collaborate with consortia of cooperatives

3.     Include cooperatives to real estate negotiation

4.     Develop a proximity-urbanism

Concretely, the project seeks to involve housing cooperatives in the ellaboration of local neighborhood plans. Correspondingly, consortia of cooperatives take part in the negotation of real estate with the FPLC.

The different strategies lead to the establishment of new partnerships between the DU, FPLC and GCHG in which cooperatives position themselves as partners in urban planning.



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