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HEPIA Conference - Professionals in urban planning 2013

Conférence HEPIA
Monday, 7 October, 2013 -
11:30 to 14:00

VENUE: Centre d'Arts et de Conventions de Genève, 27 rue Voltaire
WHEN : 11:30 am
- 2:00 pm

UrbaMonde organizes a conference in partnership with the Association des Ingénieurs Civils d’HEPIA (AICH) on Housing professions and International Solidarity.

Inhabitants of vulnerable cities and areas engage in efforts for a decent and sustainable home. How can housing and planning experts contribute to these efforts and improve their quality of life? This question will be subject of the conference with the presentation of several projects, in order to open the reflection with the teachers and students of HEPIA about the possibility to organize internships directly related to their area of expertise and to broaden their view as housing professionals.



Towards a platform of skills

11:30 am    Association des ingénieurs civils d'HEPIA Geneva

                     Ingénieurs du Monde EPFL, urbaMonde

Land management project in Nicaragua

12:00 pm    Veronica Monjarrez, architect and local office coordinator

                     Clément Levasseur, intern, Environmental Science EPFL

Experience feedbacks

12:30 pm     Nicaragua: Diego Priete, civil engineer HEPIA

                      Dakar: Chloé Charpentier, architect IFU 

Drinks and Buffet