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Fondation Ensemble

Claire Fontaine, the institution of Fondation Ensemble, works towards the integration of adults with handicaps.

In 2009, Fondation Ensemble started a collaboration with the participatory habitat cooperatives (Codha) on the restructuring of the piece of land situated at 80b Route de Chêne, on which the institution Claire Fontaine is built. The collaboration between Codha and Fondation Ensemble is of innovative character, given that Codha provides its know-how in project development and dialogue with future residents while at the same time Fondation Ensemble shares its experience on the integration of people with disabilities.

The partnerships seeks to gather cooperativists of Codha and residents of the institution Claire Fontaine. The challenge of the project lies considering people with disabilities as cooperativists and to include them at all stages of the project.

The initiative was launched in 2009. In 2011, Daniela Liengme Architectes was awarded a mandate to carry out an impact study, based in their project 'Autour de la Fontaine' that put forward mixity and encounters while preserving at the same time the intimicy of spaces. After seeking complementary funding, the construction authorization was issued in 2015. Fondation Ensemble has contacted urbaMonde in this context, in order to collaborate on the implementaiton of the project.

The construction authorization will be valid util 2017 and the aim of urbaMonde is to contribute to the project implementation at all stages.