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European Meeting Global Platform on the Right to the City

On April 2nd and 3rd, various organizations and local governments that advocate for the right to the city will hold the European Regional Meeting of the Global Platform for the Right to the City.

urbaMonde, partner of the platform, will participate in this meeting that aims at strengthening its roots in world’s regions. So, after a first African regional meeting hold in Johannesburg on the occasion of AFRICITES summit (November 2015), a European regional meeting of the Platform will be held in April 2-3 in Barcelona –just before the Habitat III Thematic Meeting on Public Spaces. The Committee actively takes part of this meeting’s organization, along with Barcelona Observatory of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and Polis Institute.

The meeting is open to civil society organizations, local and regional governments and researchers, and aims to present the Platform’s project –its principles, objectives and actions. It is intended to those organizations that incorporate the Right to the City approach in their actions and mobilizations, in order for them to share information and to analyse regional obstacles, challenges and/or particularities.

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