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European Collaborative Housing Award 2017

The second European Collaborative Housing Hub will take place on October 6-8, 2017, in Berlin, in the framework of the EXPERIMENTDAYS. The EXPERIMENTDAYS are a platform of exchange and innovation for self-organized community housing projects in and around Berlin. The EXPERIMENTDAYS are coordinated by Id22 – institute for sustainable creativity, a Berlin-based multidisciplinary, non-profit organization that facilitates the CoHousing Berlin platform.

The 2017 edition of the EXPERIMENTDAYS will gather representatives of collaborative housing projects, umbrella organizations, professionals, researchers, and housing activists will gather in Berlin in October 6-8, 2017 to present and discuss current projects and strategies in the framework of EXPERIMENTDAYS 17. The European Collaborative Housing Hub invites to join the collaborative housing movement and exchange on what we can learn from the implemented projects and which ideas are emerging in different cities and regions.

European Collaborative Housing Award

The European Collaborative Housing Award is a public recognition of innovative and inclusive housing projects, able to inspire their peers and to influence housing policies, both locally and internationally. The Award provides a platform for experience sharing, seeks to increase the visibility and strengthen the Collaborative Housing movement across Europe. Winning projects integrate the shortlist of the 2018 World Habitat Awards, an annual award organized by Building and Social Housing Foundation and UN-Habitat.

Selection committee 2017:

Anja Planiscek (University of Ljubljana / Trajekt), Christiane Droste (UrbanPlus), Darinka Czischke (TU Delft), Guido Schwarzendahl (Co-operative Housing International, Bauverein Halle-Leune), Liat Rogel (HousingLab), Mariangela Veronesi (Building and Social Housing Foundation), Marina Yoveva (Habitat for Humanity), Melissa Fernandez (University of Lancaster), Michael LaFond (Id22:institute for creative sustainability), Rolf Novy-Huy (Stiftung trias).

Awarded projects

Cenni di Cambiamento (Milano, Italy): is the largest social and collaborative housing project ever built in Italy within the SIF - the Italian funding platform for social housing. With its bottom-up approach and the ample provision of shared and public spaces, Cenni is a manifesto for a new generation of social housing: one that contributes to building communities, not only homes.

“New Ground” Cohousing Community (London, UK): a group of twenty-six elderly women, who have fought for almost 20 years to build affordable homes, and lead the way for senior cohousing in the UK.

Village Vertical (Villeurbanne/Lyon, France): 14 households of diverse backgrounds, and all but one eligible for social housing benefits, have collaborated in order to build the first collective ownership housing cooperative in France. Affordability, diversity and community links with the neighborhood are at the core of the project.

Wohnprojekt Wien (Vienna, Austria): is the name of an association of private people founded 2009 sharing the dream of a new way of living together in the city: affordably, sustainably, collaboratively and sharing ideas and spaces.

In 2017, the selection committee decided to award a special mention to the St. Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (stART) in London in order to manifest its support to a community-led initiative that seeks to prevent the St. Ann’s Hospital area from being sold to private housing developers and to secure community-ownership and affordability on the long term.

Congratulations and see you in Berlin!

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