Mission and values

A city produced « by and for their inhabitants »

Alongside public and private sector-led urban development, the city is also built by its inhabitants, from the bottom-up. Urban dwellers organize, plan, finance, build and manage housing developments, and common spaces take the lead to improve their neighborhoods.

Supported by financial means and appropriate policies, this Social Production of Habitat (SPH) results in more sustainable, inclusive and affordable urban spaces and housing solutions, meeting the needs of the inhabitants..

Convinced that the inhabitants and final users of urban spaces should be at the center of all processes that produce the city, urbaMonde’s mission is to support the groups of inhabitants who carry out SPH projects and who are committed to making their cities more sustainable and inclusive and to implement the right to the city and to adequate housing.

UrbaMonde operates :

In Switzerland and in France, by offering technical support to public actors in participative urban development projects, as well as to groups of inhabitants implementing collaborative housing solutions, while promoting innovation in non-speculative land management and the access to affordable housing finance.

Internationally, by supporting groups of vulnerable inhabitants in their implementation of collaborative housing and neighborhood improvement projects.

Globally, by facilitating the CoHabitat Network, a network of community-led housing organizations and their allies, who work together to secure housing through collective, non-speculative and people-led solutions.