UrbaMonde operates in Switzerland and in France, by offering technical support to public actors in participative urban development projects, as well as to groups of inhabitants implementing collaborative housing solutions, while promoting innovation in non-speculative land management and access to affordable housing finance.

The association also supports groups of vulnerable inhabitants in the implementation of community-led housing and neighborhood improvement projects.

Local actor

UrbaMonde supports the development of housing cooperatives and collaborative housing in Switzerland and France through technical assistance to residents' groups and local communities. Moreover, urbaMonde works for the implementation of an institutional, financial and legislative framework favorable to the development of this type of habitat, which is more sustainable, inclusive and non-speculative.

Actor in international cooperation

At the international level, urbaMonde supports innovative and sustainable projects led by vulnerable populations and their federations, networks or umbrella organizations.

Actor of capitalization, networking and advocacy

UrbaMonde manages the CoHabitat Network, which aims to promote existing collaborative housing solutions through capitalization, exchange and capacitation between peers, and the promotion of a collaborative housing award.