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About us

urbaMonde-Suisse is an NGO founded in 2005 in Geneva under the name Urbanistes sans Frontières- International (USFI).

urbaMonde-France, the French counterpart of the organization, was founded in December 2015 with the aim to consolidate our work at the European level.

Convinced that inhabitants should be at the core of the processes shaping the urban environment, urbaMonde’s mission is to support sustainable cities built “by and for their inhabitants”. Beyond supporting the emergence community-led habitat projects, our goal is to consolidate civic-public partnerships for a more sustainable and inclusive urban development. In order to do so, urbaMonde :

  • provides vulnerable populations in the Global North and Global South with the necessary tools to develop their local projects;
  • connects civil society actors through a common network to advocate for a participatory approach to urban and regional planning;
  • and collaborates with local authorities to integrate urban dwellers into their planning processes.

Locally, urbaMonde supports the development of housing cooperatives and participatory housing projects in Switzerland and France, providing technical assistance and advocacy tools to the inhabitant groups. Internationally, urbaMonde accompanies vulnerable inhabitant groups and their federations in the implementation of innovative and sustainable habitat projects. Finally, urbaMonde acts as a focal point on the Social production of habitat and is responsible for launching and coordinating a Global Platform on the topic.

In this context, urbaMonde is interested in exploring the role of innovative financing tools (community savings, revolving funds, etc.) and of new technologies (data collection, participatory online platforms, participatory mapping, etc.) in strengthening community organization and enhancing experience exchange.

urbaMonde was awarded the Ashoka Impact Award in 2012.

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