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2019 Community-Led Habitat Award for Africa

Call for Submissions for Community-Led Habitat Projects

In Africa, millions are faced with insecure and inadequate housing. But, dotted around the continent, there are inspiring examples of how communities are developing innovative and affordable housing solutions and upgrading their neighbourhoods sustainably.

The Community-Led Habitat Awards, an initiative of the CoHabitat Network, recognize inspiring community-driven habitat solutions from across the continent with the aim to advocate for the expansion of community-led urban development and housing.

Share your story to be part of a growing network of actors securing housing rights and implementing people-led habitat solutions.

Who Can apply?

All resident-led groups or grassroots organizations who have implemented a community-led habitat project in Africa can apply. The project must be already implemented and must have resulted in changes to the built environment (e.g. housing, infrastructure, public space).

Selection Criteria

  • Community Involvement
  • Long-term Affordability
  • Environmental and Financial Sustainability
  • Scalability of the Community-Led Habitat solution

How to Apply

Deadline: March 31, 2019. Submission are welcome in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

  1. Register at
  2. Create your project profile in the “Projects” section.
  3. When creating your profile, answer the following questions:
    • What is the project context / environment in terms of social, economic, physical, political, legal aspects?
    • Describe the challenge(s) the project has set out to address.  
    • Describe how the project was planned, designed, and managed by explaining the role of key stakeholders and the role of the community.
    • Describe the key project outputs, outcomes and long-term impacts.
    • What are the key lessons you have learned from both the project’s success and failures?
  4. Upload at least one image that represents the project.
  5. Upload a video (optional).

Watch the Tutorial Video here.

Download the Tutorial here.

Why enter?

Become part of a growing network of organizations working to secure housing rights and implement people-led housing and habitat solutions through

Gain visibility and public recognition by sharing experiences and learning from others at the 1st African Community-Led Habitat Hub hosted at the UN-Habitat Governing Council, May 27-31 in Nairobi.

The winners of the Best Project Award will also have the chance to enter the shortlist stage of the prestigious World Habitat Awards, organized by our partner World Habitat.

The World Habitat Awards recognize and highlight innovative, outstanding and sometimes revolutionary housing ideas, projects and programs from across the world. Each year, two winners receive £10,000 each and a trophy, presented at a global UN-Habitat event. Visit

Selection Process

Submitted projects are reviewed by a Committee composed of:

Charles Patsika (UCLGA), Mariana Gallo (World Habitat), Diana Mitlin (IIED), Beth Chitekwe-Biti (SDI Sect.), Charlton Ziervogel (SA SDI Alliance NGO Director), Sheila Magara (SDI Management Committee), Shekar Mulayman (SDI Management Committee), Sarah Nandudu (SDI Board), Samuel Njuguna (Kenyan Federation)

Selected projects of the 2019 Community-Led Habitat Award will be notified by April 25th and will be invited to travel to the UN-Habitat Governing Council, May 27-31 in Nairobi, where they will showcase their outstanding and award-winning work.

Who are we?

CoHabitat Network: We are a network of community-led housing organisations and allies from across the world working together to implement housing rights through collective, non-speculative, people-led solutions. We want to make community-led housing widespread and attainable so that communities are empowered to improve their homes, neighbourhoods, and lives.

Slum Dwellers International (SDI) is the regional implementing partner and focal point for the CoHabitat Network in Africa and host of the first edition of the Africa Community-Led Habitat Award. SDI is a network of community-based organisations of the urban poor in 32 countries and hundreds of cities and towns across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Visit:

The Africa Community-Led Habitat Award is supported by:

urbaMonde, a non-profit organization promoting cooperative housing solutions in Switzerland and France and facilitating the CoHabitat Network globally. Visit:

World Habitat believes that everyone, everywhere has the fundamental right to a safe and secure home. That is why we seek out and share the best solutions to housing problems from across the world. Visit:

Tutorial Community-Led Habitat Award for Africa